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So How does Leanbean work for women?

Well now you know that succumbing to cravings and emotional eating is one of the main reasons for excess fat storage in women. You’ll be better armed to get past your fat demons once and for all…

You might already know that Leanbean uses more appetite suppressants than other fat burners.

The reason?

To help you keep your cravings at bay and lower your overall calorie intake.

So by pairing the best ‘binge blockers’ with an improved motivation to eat less sugar you’ll quickly see that your dream figure is in reach.

But that’s not all…

Everyone knows that in order to burn fat you must raise your metabolism!

And we’re sure you’ll be aware that the problem with many fat burners is that they are loaded with Caffeine Anhydrous and other stimulants. Making them totally unsuitable for a female supplement.

The fact is that women are built differently to men and often encounter side effects when taking these types of fat burners.

Leanbean uses stimulant alternatives like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper to help boost your metabolism safely. And whilst there is a small amount of natural caffeine in Leanbean this is from natural ingredients like Green Tea and Green Coffee.

So let’s have a quick recap of the The Leanbean Approach.

Bottle of Leanbean
Suppress hunger

Overcome Your Cravings.

Getting rid of sugar cravings should always be your first objective when it comes to getting in shape. Unfortunately for most women they are a fact of life…

Thankfully Leanbean uses a strong number of ingredients shown to help you curb cravings.

In particular it combines:

  • Glucomannan,
  • Garcinia Cambogia,
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Raspberry Ketones

All of which research has shown to be effective at helping you control your snacking.


The goal is not to help you starve yourself, we would never suggest cutting all treats out of your meal plan, it’s to give you that added boost to stick to a balanced diet. And prevent those chocolate binges that have a devastating impact on your goals.

Suppress hunger

Boost Metabolism Safely

Your metabolism controls how good your body is at burning calories throughout the day. If it’s operating to capacity then your body should be constantly using your food as energy.

But, if you suffer from a slow metabolism then the excess calories are stored as fat and not burnt away. If you want to lose weight then you need to make sure that your metabolism is performing as it should.

And, whilst some fat burners will have you running to the toilet with ‘diuretics’ and ‘crazy stimulants’, Leanbean boosts your metabolic rate safely using natural spices like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper. So you can burn more calories when you’re exercising and at the gym and when you’re not even active too.


Support body’s natural balance

Did you know that during everyday life your body’s natural balance can get out of whack. More often than not this is because we can be exposed to high levels of toxins through poor food choices and certain products we come into contact with.

This can cause imbalances leading to unhealthy levels of fat, bloating and a whole host of other issues in women. Ingredients like Vitamin B and Green Tea can support your body’s natural ability to tackle these imbalances.

The benefit?

A well-balanced body will result in better recovery and sleep and give you the energy you need to get through that morning run or cardio session.

Lean Bean

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Professionally formulated for women, Leanbean harnesses the power of nature to help you burn fat.

How to Take Leanbean

To maximize results take one capsule four times a day:

  • One before breakfast
  • One before lunch
  • One in the afternoon
  • One before your evening meal

By spreading out the dose evenly throughout the day you are maximizing the time that Leanbean is working and getting the most from each capsule.

Take Four
Capsules Daily.

Take Four Capsules Daily.

Anything else I need to know about fat loss?

So you might be wondering why none of your weight loss strategies ever seem to work over the long term?

More than likely it’s because you’ve been fed the wrong information about what it takes to get in shape.

Remember when the fat in your diet used to be the enemy?

And the answer to success was ‘breakfast cereal diets’ and low fat yoghurt?

Well the truth is…

Sugar is the real obstacle when it comes to achieving your fat loss goals. NOT FAT!

When we consume too much sugar our bodies’ insulin levels are sent sky high, meaning energy is stored in the fat cells rather than being burnt off.

That’s not all:

Excess sugar consumption interrupts the performance of important hormones like Leptin. Put simply, without Leptin the bodies’ ability to metabolise fat is reduced.

Even worse the brain never gets the message to stop eating. So in the long run we end up eating more calories and burning less!

Little known fact: The sugar found in fruit (fructose) can cause weight gain if consumed too regularly.

By filling up on healthy fats found in foods like nuts and avocado and avoiding sugary options like ‘bread’, pasta and basically anything in a cereal packet you will quickly see the benefits.

Crash diets can make us put weight on!

It might seem shocking but eating a very low calorie diet can actually cause more harm in the long run.

And whilst it might be tempting to take the easy way out and go on crash diets in order to shift the pounds, this really isn’t a recipe for long term success.

The truth about zero calorie diets is that they make you go into starvation mode, causing the body to burn muscle as energy instead of fat. Not Good!

So, by being too extreme with your lifestyle you actually select the wrong gear and go into reverse.

And sure ‘crash dieters’ may initially lose some weight!

But the problem is…

They usually end up creating an unsightly physique with very little muscle tone whilst still retaining most of their stored fat.

What’s more:

It is usually only a matter of time before they are hit by powerful sugar cravings, leading them to binge on unhealthy food and put the weight straight back on.

And it gets worse! This kind of starvation strategy can also have a very negative impact on your energy levels and if maintained for a long period of time can have a devastating impact on your organs and overall health.

However, by consistently eating a diet that’s higher in healthy fats and lower in sugar you can create amazing fat loss results.

The great news is that Leanbean works in tandem with this new healthy lifestyle, and includes essential vitamins and antioxidants to promote quicker fat burning and help you create a strong, toned and healthy body.

Is it true I can turn bad fat cells into good ones?

Yes this 100% true!

The human body is made up of both good fats and bad fats. Unhealthy white fat cells are known to make the body store fat, whilst brown fat cells are actually healthy and produce heat in order to burn calories.

In 2009 researchers found that…

Women with higher BMIs (body mass index) don’t have as many healthy brown fat cells.

FORTUNATELY these studies also found that it is possible for anyone to increase the amount of brown fat cells they have.

How can you do this?

Well the answer is shockingly simple:

For a woman you want to control the amount of visceral fat within your body, that means trying to keep your waist to 35 inches and below. Avoiding overeating and staying active will set you on the path to faster fat loss.

And by making Leanbean part of your new daily ritual you’ll be fuelling your body with powerful natural ingredients like Turmeric. Nicknamed ‘The Queen of Spices’ Turmeric has been shown to be effective at helping the body to destroy white fat cells.

You can read about how the likes of Turmeric work visit our Ingredient page.


Use Leanbean. See results.

Or your money back

Getting beach-ready does not have to be an impossible quest. Leanbean will give your body the natural boost it needs to start burning fat. What’s more, if you use Leanbean four times a day for 3 months and don’t think it’s helped you get results we’ll give you a refund.

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