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The state of the (health of the) nation

There's a health crisis in America.

Despite the US spending more than any other country on healthcare*...

Many major health conditions are on the rise...

2018 saw the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, asthma, kidney disease, depression, and more.

We drilled deep into US government health data† for this report.

So, if you want to know:

- Which health conditions are blighting America.

- How rates of incidence are increasing across the board.

- And which weight loss methods people are turning to.

Read on...

US states ranked by overall health

This table ranks all US states from least to most healthy. The lower the number, the healthier the state.

Each state is ranked based on the incidence of six key health conditions:

- Obesity.
- Diabetes.
- Heart attack.
- Asthma.
- Kidney disease.
- Depression.

A state's overall health ranking is an average of its rank for each condition.

State Rank
(lowest = healthiest)
Highest for
Alabama 45 Kidney dis. 3 Weight loss injections: 1
Alaska 15
Arizona 24
Arkansas 49 Obesity: 3 Heart dis. 2 Keto diet: 2
California 2
Colorado 1 Yoga: 2 Cycling: 1 Soccer: 3
Connecticut 14
Washington D.C. 5
Delaware 39 Skating: 1
Florida 22 Liposuction: 1
Georgia 31
Hawaii 13 Diabetes: 1 Intermittent fasting: 1 Yoga: 3 Swimming: 1 Volleyball: 3 Martial arts: 2
Idaho 20 Supplements: 2 Dieting: 3 Keto diet: 3 Soccer: 2
Illinois 8 Jogging: 2
Indiana 40
Iowa 7 Weight lifting: 3 Basketball: 3 Volleyball: 2
Kansas 32 Basketball: 2
Kentucky 50 Heart dis. 3 Kidney dis. 2 Basketball: 1
Louisiana 47
Maine 43 Asthma: =1 Couch to 5k: 2
Maryland 25 Diabetes: 3 Intermittent fasting: 3 Martial arts: 3
Massachusetts 17 Marathon: 1 Skating: 2
Michigan 44 Jogging: 1
Minnesota 4
Mississippi 33 Obesity: =1 Weight loss tea: 1 Dieting: 1 Jogging: 3
Missouri 28
Montana 12 Supplements: 3
Nebraska 19 Weight lifting: 1 Volleyball: 1
Nevada 27 Liposuction: 2
New Hampshire 29 Weight loss shakes: 3 Couch to 5k: 3
New Jersey 3 Weight loss tea: 3
New Mexico 21
New York 6 Weight loss tea: 2
North Carolina 42 Weight loss injections: 3
North Dakota 26 Weight loss shakes: 1
Ohio 37
Oklahoma 48
Oregon 41 Depression: 2
Pennsylvania 38
Rhode Island 36 Weight loss shakes: 2 Martial arts: 1
South Carolina 35
South Dakota 11
Tennessee 46 Depression: 3 Weight loss injections: 2
Texas 34 Liposuction: 3
Utah 16 Intermittent fasting: 2 Swimming: 3 Cycling: 3 Soccer: 1
Vermont 30 Asthma: 3 Couch to 5k: 1 Marathon: 3 Yoga: 1 Swimming: 2 Skating: 3 Cycling: 2
Virginia 9
Washington 23 Supplements: 1
West Virginia 51 Asthma: =1 Obesity: =1 Heart dis. 1 Kidney dis. 1 Depression: 1 Diabetes: 2 Dieting: 2
Wisconsin 18 Marathon: 2
Wyoming 10 Keto diet: 1 Weight lifting: 2

The health conditions blighting America

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30.1% +

25.1 - 30% +

20.1 - 25% +

20% +
Percentage of adults aged 18 or over with obesity.

This map shows each condition increasing over time.

Click a condition, then use the slider to see how things change.

It's a stark picture...

Every health factor we looked at is rising, and overall health quality is plummeting.

West Virginia is the unhealthiest state. People there are most likely to be obese, depressed, asthmatic, to have a heart attack, or to get kidney disease.

Hawaiians are most likely to be diabetic.

Colorado was the healthiest state, with an average rank of just 5.

How are states losing weight?

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Rank: 12345 

Americans are 56% more likely to be obese than in 2000, and 83.8% more likely to be diabetic.

And as a result of this...

People across the country are turning to all sorts of weight loss methods to shed extra pounds.

The obesity map in the section above paints a pretty clear picture:

Because of changes in diet and lifestyle, American people now weigh more than ever before.

This map shows the states where various weight loss methods are most popular‡.

Some results surprised us. Weight loss tea is most sought after in Mississippi.

Others didn't: liposuction is most sought after in Florida, Nevada, and Texas.

How are states working out?

TapHover on a state to see its name

Rank: 12345 

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle lay the foundations for weight loss, and a vast range of physical activities are popular in America.

This map shows the states where various sports and exercises are the most popular.

From marathon runners in Massachusetts to fledgeling couch-to-5kers in Vermont, Americans love to exercise.

Take a look and see how this aligns with your exercise habits.

Also note how little overlap there is between the unhealthiest states and those where each sport is most searched.

* Source.

† Based on US data from the Centre for Disease Control: obesity / diabetes / heart attack / depression / asthma / kidney disease.

‡ Based on US Google Trends data 5y from Oct 2014-2019 inclusive.