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How does Leanbean work for women?

Now if you’ve done your research, you might already know what’s in Leanbean, and how the ingredients can support your healthy lifestyle and weight management.

You might also know that Leanbean works by using a clinically proven form of dietary fiber called Glucomannan.

But if you want to know more, read on to find out the method behind our unique formula…

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What’s in Leanbean and does it actually work?

Many fat burners include large doses of stimulants including high levels of caffeine.

Leanbean is different and includes 11 low stimulant alternatives to support your goals.

This can be broken down into three key areas:


Managing cravings can be an effective strategy when it comes to getting in shape.

To support this Leanbean includes the clinically proven dietary fiber Glucomannan.

This powerful natural extract works by swelling in your stomach and keeping you feeling full when you might be tempted to snack.

You may well find this ingredient in other fat burners but you’re going to be hard pressed to find it in a whopping 3g daily dose. That’s important when it comes to health claims as it’s the amount recognized by leading EU health regulators.

Energy & Metabolism*

Your metabolism controls how good your body is at burning calories throughout the day. If it is operating to capacity then your body should be constantly using your food as energy.

However, if you suffer from a slow metabolism then the excess calories are stored as fat and not burnt away.

Leanbean uses the mineral Chromium Picolinate, which has been shown to contribute to a normal macronutrient metabolism and normal blood glucose concentrations.

As well as zinc which has been shown to contribute to the normal synthesis of carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Finally Choline is included in a clinically effective dose of 82.5mg, this water soluble compound has been proven to support normal fat metabolism.

Reduced Tiredness and Fatigue*

When you’re juggling a busy work schedule and social life with trying to stay in shape, there’s no denying it can be tough. Often, we can be exposed to imbalances that leave us fatigued and unable to maximize our potential.

Now, many fat burners load up on Caffeine Anhydrous and other stimulants.

Caffeine can be a helpful addition as it is known to improve endurance performance and endurance capacity, however if used in too high doses it can cause potential side effects.

Leanbean only includes a small amount of Caffeine from natural sources, because it has been shown to aid alertness as well as improve endurance performance and endurance capacity.

On top of this, Leanbean includes Vitamin B6 and B12, both of which have been shown to contribute to a normal energy yielding metabolism as well as reduced tiredness and fatigue.

Meaning you will be able to maximise the fat burning benefits of any exercise you are doing during your healthy new regime.

Other natural extracts included in Leanbean include ‘the golden goddess’ Turmeric as well as the ‘punchy’ Green Coffee.

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Professionally formulated for women, Leanbean harnesses the power of nature to help you reach your goals

How to Take Leanbean

To maximize results take two capsules with at least 250ml of water three times per day:

  • Two before breakfast
  • Two before lunch
  • Two before dinner

By spreading out the dose evenly throughout the day you can help ensure that Leanbean does work, however it is important to take Leanbean regularly and consistently in order to see results.

Take Six
Capsules Daily.

Anything else I need to know about fat loss?

So you might be wondering why none of your weight loss strategies ever seem to work over the long term?

More than likely it’s because you’ve been fed the wrong information about what it takes to get in shape.

Remember when the fat in your diet used to be the enemy?

And the answer to success was ‘breakfast cereal diets’ and low fat yoghurt?

Well the truth is…

Sugar is the real obstacle when it comes to achieving your fat loss goals. NOT FAT!

When we consume too much sugar our bodies’ insulin levels are sent sky high, meaning energy is stored in the fat cells rather than being burnt off.

That’s not all:

Excess sugar consumption interrupts the performance of important hormones like Leptin. Put simply, without Leptin the bodies’ ability to metabolise fat is reduced.

Even worse the brain never gets the message to stop eating. So in the long run we end up eating more calories and burning less!

Little known fact: The sugar found in fruit (fructose) can cause weight gain if consumed too regularly.

By filling up on healthy fats found in foods like nuts and avocado and avoiding sugary options like ‘bread’, pasta and basically anything in a cereal packet you will quickly see the benefits.

Crash diets can make us put weight on!

It might seem shocking but eating a very low calorie diet can actually cause more harm in the long run.

And whilst it might be tempting to take the easy way out and go on crash diets in order to shift the pounds, this really isn’t a recipe for long term success.

The truth about zero calorie diets is that they make you go into starvation mode, causing the body to burn muscle as energy instead of fat. Not Good!

So, by being too extreme with your lifestyle you actually select the wrong gear and go into reverse.

And sure ‘crash dieters’ may initially lose some weight!

However, it is usually only a matter of time before they are hit by powerful sugar cravings, leading them to binge on unhealthy food and put the weight straight back on.

And it gets worse! This kind of starvation strategy can also have a very negative impact on your energy levels and if maintained for a long period of time can have a devastating impact on your organs and overall health.

However, by consistently eating a diet that’s higher in healthy fats and lower in sugar you can create amazing fat loss results.

The great news is that Leanbean works in tandem with this new healthy lifestyle, and includes essential vitamins and antioxidants to promote quicker fat burning and help you create a strong, toned and healthy body.

Is it true I can turn bad fat cells into good ones?

Yes this 100% true!

The human body is made up of both good fats and bad fats. Unhealthy white fat cells are known to make the body store fat, whilst brown fat cells are actually healthy and produce heat in order to burn calories.

In 2009 researchers found that…

Women with higher BMIs (body mass index) don’t have as many healthy brown fat cells.

FORTUNATELY these studies also found that it is possible for anyone to increase the amount of brown fat cells they have.

How can you do this?

Well the answer is shockingly simple:

For a woman you want to control the amount of visceral fat within your body, that means trying to keep your waist to 35 inches and below. Avoiding overeating and staying active will set you on the path to faster fat loss.

And by making Leanbean part of your new daily ritual you’ll be fuelling your body with powerful natural ingredients like Glucomannan, Chromium, Vitamin B and more!

A bottle of Leanbean with the box

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Getting in shape does not have to be an impossible quest. Lean bean works to give your body the natural boost it needs to start burning fat. What’s more, if you use Leanbean either six capsules a day or 2 tablets 3 times a day for 3 months and don’t think it’s helped you get results we’ll give you a refund.

*Disclaimer: All testimonials and reviews displayed on this website are 100% genuine. Product results may vary on an individual basis, as products are intended for use alongside a diet and exercise regime.