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What is glucomannan and how does it help with weight loss?


June 30th 2020

There’s no silver bullet for weight loss. But there is glucomannan, and it comes pretty close. This super-fibre is one of the few natural ingredients clinically proven for weight loss, when used alongside healthy eating and exercise.

“Proven how, exactly,” you’re probably wondering. Well, let us fill you in…


What is glucomannan?

It’s a dietary fibre that expands when exposed to water.

Glucomannan is extracted from the root of Amorphophallus konjac – a plant that grows naturally in China.

The fibre has been commonplace in kitchens for a long time. In recent years, though, glucomannan has gained a lot of attention for its role as a dietary supplement.

And here’s why…

How glucomannan works

As we said: Glucomannan expands when it’s exposed to water.

Now, this may not sound like much, but when it comes to weight loss, the expansion has a huge impact – for the simple reason that the extra space taken up by the expanded glucomannan doesn’t get filled with food.

This means you eat less, and that you ingest fewer calories as a result.

And as we know: Weight loss comes down to keeping your calorie intake below your daily calorie expenditure.

Where’s the proof that glucomannan works?

Glucomannan has been widely studied for its links to weight loss over the past decade.

The most credible endorsement comes from European Food Regulators who say:

“A cause and effect relationship has been established between the consumption of glucomannan and the reduction of body weight in the context of an energy-restricted diet.”

Pretty impressive stuff, especially when you consider that you don’t require a prescription to use this natural appetite suppressant.

How to take a glucomannan supplement?

A bottle of Leanbean and it's pills

Glucomannan is available to buy in various forms including flavoured powder which can be mixed with water and consumed as a drink.

Alternatively supplements like Leanbean deliver glucomannan in soft gel capsules in order to help you get your daily serving as conveniently as possible.

A daily dose of Leanbean contains 3g of glucomannan: The amount clinically proven to be effective.

The daily dose is split into three servings of 1g to be taken with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On top of this, the glucomannan in the Leanbean formula is backed up with 10 more proven ingredients to help you optimise your body. You can learn more about those ingredients here.

Leanbean has helped hundreds of people just like you to smash their weight loss goals. It’s all-natural, it’s safe, and it’s built around the latest science.

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Getting beach-ready does not have to be an impossible quest. Leanbean will give your body the natural boost it needs to start burning fat.

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