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Choosing the best fat burner for women


October 21st 2019

Do you want to start losing weight, or to boost the results you’re seeing from your current weight loss regime?

If so you may be wondering, “what is the best fat burner on the market?”

After all, fat burning supplements can be fantastic weight loss aids. The right supplement – taken properly and as directed – can help you to lose more weight than you would otherwise, and more quickly.

But let’s take a step back.

Because the more important question – the one you should be asking – is…

“What is the best fat burner for women?”

Something that is designed for and aligned with female physiology; which will help you to better achieve your goals.

This is a vital point, and here’s why…

The importance of choosing the right fat burner

With tons of weight loss supplements available to buy in stores and online, making a decision on which one to take can be an overwhelming prospect. Do you go for something with familiar ingredients like green tea extract, B vitamins, caffeine? Or do you try something you may not recognise, like garcinia Cambogia, chromium picolinate, and glucomannan?

At the start of your weight loss supplement journey, you’ll probably come across many words and concepts that are unfamiliar.

Choosing the best fat burner for you comes down to building an understanding of the products available – their ingredients, their claimed effects – and how these fit into your weight loss goals.

Which fat burner should you choose?

If you’re feeling daunted, don’t worry. We’ve written this blog post to cut through the confusion, and to empower you with the information you need to choose the best female fat burner for you.

You’ll learn about how and whether fat burners work, how weight loss works, how to choose a supplement for you and, most importantly, how to choose the best fat burner for women.

(And no, this isn’t going to turn into a hard sell for Leanbean!)

After reading, you’ll be lined up to enjoy a supplement with these benefits:

  • Optimised for your physiology, rather than male-focussed or generic.
  • Keyed in to your lifestyle and weight loss goals.
  • Designed for results, rather than built around fads and buzzwords.

Let’s start by addressing a question we hear surprisingly often.

Do fat burning supplements work?

It’s pretty obvious that this question is a dealbreaker. A fat burner that doesn’t work is no good: it’s a waste of your money, and a waste of your time.

“But if fat burners worked that would be the end of obesity, right?”

We see this talking point surprisingly often in discussions about whether or not fat burners work.

Here’s the thing…

There are a lot of misconceptions about the exact role fat burners are supposed to play in weight loss. Some of these stem from lack of information; others stem from scepticism.

That is important. Scepticism encourages people to do their research. It steers people away from products that are ineffective or even potentially harmful.

And most importantly?

Scepticism steers them toward making a decision based on solid information.

We believe that fat burners work, and this is backed up by multiple scientific studies. Some studies look at specific ingredients, and demonstrate their ability to work in the context of weight loss. The European Food Safety Authority’s opinion on the effects of glucomannan (7) is one example of this.

Other studies have looked at how supplementing with the correct vitamins might help to prevent obesity.

In our opinion, the best fat burner for women would be underpinned by research on both fronts.
(Like Leanbean 😇)

What do we mean by “the best fat burner for women”?

“For women” is an important distinction when it comes to choosing a fat burner. Just take a look at the top Amazon results for the term:

There’s fire; there’s a grenade. It’s a pretty macho selection, right?

The fact that there are no overtly feminine products isn’t necessarily a problem, but it points to a reality of the fat burner supplement industry: many products are tailored toward men who want to burn fat and bulk up, while many others are designed to be generic so they can appeal to as wide a market as possible.

We believe that to be as effective as possible for women, a fat burner should be designed with them in mind.

This means an awareness of – and a formula that addresses – specific female physiological needs.

Did you know, for example, that women are likely to experience more and stronger cravings than men (5)? Research on this topic says that “for women, there are […] variations in craving […] that may hinder dieting and weight loss attempts.”

So it makes sense to include ingredients with appetite suppressing effects in female fat burning supplements.

Also, did you know that women are more likely to suffer from deficiencies in minerals like iron (6)?

It follows that including these in supplements to top up the levels found in diets makes sense.

And finally: in general, women tend to be more concerned about the side effects of caffeine – for example, its interaction with the contraceptive pill. This means a generic supplement with a level of caffeine comfortable for men may be off putting for women. They may experience negative effects – jitters, racing heart, anxiety – that put them off of using other supplements in the future.

The best fat burner for women, then, is one built upon a solid understanding of female physiology. It is one whose ingredients and formulation are designed with this understanding in mind, and which address your specific physiological needs.

How weight loss and metabolism work

Losing weight is hard. But knowing the actual science behind dieting and nutrition makes it a whole lot easier.
In short: it comes down to CICO: Calories In, Calories Out.

You lose weight when your body runs a caloric deficit, and you are running a deficit when fewer calories are going in (through food and drink) than going out (burned by exercise, daily life, and so on).

If you have trouble eating within your caloric deficit, a weight loss supplement can help. They are designed to either increase the amount of calories you burn, or reduce the amount you consume.

Understanding how fat burners work…

We mentioned misconceptions earlier: let us elaborate.

Fat burners are not designed to be a magic pill that will make the pounds fall off regardless of what you eat and how much you exercise (luckily, not many people think this).

They are designed to supplement existing weight loss efforts. In this context, they work. Without a healthy diet and exercise however, they won’t.

Fat burners can work in many ways. As we said at the end of the last section: some are designed to increase the calories you burn, others to reduce what you consume.

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

How fat burners can help you to burn more calories

Some ingredients claim to boost your basal metabolic rate, which means that your body performs the functions required to transport, store, and use fats and carbohydrates more quickly and efficiently.

A boosted metabolism means that more calories are burned at rest.

Some ingredients claim to help you get a sweat on, to fuel the burning of extra calories. This is achieved by a stimulant hit to boost your energy levels.

More energy means you can work out for longer and harder.

Some ingredients claim to have a thermogenic effect, which means they increase your body temperature very slightly.
A higher temperature means your body burns more calories while resting.

How fat burners can help you to consume fewer calories

Some ingredients claim to crush cravings and help you to eat less, by suppressing your appetite and promoting better food intake regulation.

Feeling the need to eat less means fewer calories from dietary sources.

Some ingredients claim to reduce the amount of fat that your body absorbs from the food you eat.

Each ingredient in a fat burner formula will usually contribute to one or more of these effects. Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients you might come across:

Fat burner ingredients

With these effects in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients commonly used in fat burners. We’ll introduce them briefly along with their claimed effects, and we’ll also point you in the direction of the Office of Dietary Supplements Office of Dietary Supplements where you can learn more.


Glucomannan. This is a natural fibre extracted from the root of the konjac plant. It is soluble – meaning that it dissolves – and expands in size when exposed to water. This expansion is great for taking up a little extra space in your stomach, and promoting feelings of satiety (read: fullness) more quickly than otherwise.

Garcinia Cambogia. The peel of this fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, a substance linked with weight loss benefits and appetite suppression. Studies have found that Garcinia Cambogia can cause short term weight loss (8) and “may prove beneficial” in controlling appetite (9).

Choline. This macronutrient is involved in lipid metabolism, specifically processes around the transport of fat and the removal of cholesterol. Our bodies cannot produce all the choline they require, so the shortfall must be met by dietary sources or supplements.

Chloride. This mineral is linked to healthy digestion, vital for ensuring your body processes food correctly. Chloride is also regarded as an electrolyte, meaning it helps your body to keep hydrated and balanced during and after workouts.

Chromium Picolinate. Linked with healthy macronutrient metabolism, chromium picolinate paves the way for your body to break down, store, and use fats and macronutrients. It may also play a role in food intake regulation: one study found that participants had lower cravings after lunch when taking chromium picolinate than control (4).

Vitamin B6. This vitamin is linked to healthy nerve function, metabolism, memory, blood circulation, and more. As well as these broad health benefits,in the context of fat burners, B6 plays a role in the production of norepinephrine, a hormone involved in the burning of fat (3).

Natural caffeine. Caffeine likely needs little introduction. This chemical – responsible for the buzz in your coffee cup – boosts focus and concentration, as well as being linked with improved measures of physical output (like time-to-exhaustion) (2). In short, it gives you a stimulant hit to work out harder for longer.

Coffee Beans

Caffeine is – of course – a powerful natural stimulant. You’ll see it in a lot of supplements for this reason. But there are some less stimulating alternatives to caffeine which you may also come across:

Turmeric. This richly aromatic spice, known for its striking yellow colour, has been used in cooking around the world for centuries. In fat burners turmeric is known for its thermogenic effect: boosting your internal temperature slightly to help you burn a few more calories while at rest.

Acai. This berry – rightly regarded as a superfood – is rich in antioxidants, and one study (1) found it to have a positive impact on the levels of cholesterol in the body.

To learn more about fat burner ingredients, take a look at the Leanbean ingredients page.

Ask yourself, “what is the best fat burner for me?”

If you’ve made the decision to lose weight – to change how you are living your life – you have to remember that starting is the hardest part.

Baby steps are the best way to move forward at first. Little changes. Drinking more water. Parking at the far edge of car parks and walking a bit further. Taking a supplement.

Bear in mind that the weight didn’t go on overnight, so it won’t go overnight either. But also bear in mind that it is completely within your ability to achieve weight loss.

Taking a fat burner supplement is another little change on your journey.

Choosing the best fat burner for you requires an understanding of your preferences. Do you want to focus on natural ingredients, for example? Do you have dietary requirements – vegetarianism, perhaps even veganism – that you want reflected in your supplements?

When you understand the supplements available, the ingredients they use, and how this all aligns with your personal preferences, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best fat burner for you.

(Note: Leanbean is vegan and uses all-natural ingredients!)

How can you tell whether a fat burner is legit?

This is another good question. How do you know whether a fat burner works? And where do you look for that information?

Start with the website of the manufacturer is a good bet. Does it look credible? Do they have a money-back guarantee, testimonials, or anything else to indicate they are invested in their customers’ satisfaction?

Next, move onto reviews. These should be available on their site and off of it. Industry publications and individual reviewers are not obliged to publish positive reviews, and their opinions can be a good indicator of whether or not the fat burner is liked.

Then, move onto more rigorously scientific websites like the Office of Dietary Supplements (which we linked to earlier) to make sure the ingredients – and their claimed effects – check out.

What are the warning signs of a bad fat burner?

Sadly, some supplement manufacturers want to make a quick buck with little consideration of whether their products are effective (or safe) for the people taking them.

Thankfully this is less problematic than it used to be, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the public is more educated in general, and a much larger bank of information is available to draw on when researching products.

Secondly, the FDA in America has the power to remove supplements from the marketplace if they are found to be harmful.

Here are a couple of things to look out for, however. Both are very uncommon, but if you are buying supplements from an unregulated source (which we do not recommend), keep an eye out.

  • Ephedra is a very powerful stimulant linked with many negative health impacts. It’s now illegal for this chemical to be marketed as a weight loss supplement, but the chemical itself is not illegal.
  • DNP is a chemical that technically burns fat, but does so in an incredibly dangerous and unpredictable way. Occasionally it rears its head and makes the news. This information from the UK’s National Health Service outlines the risks in more detail.

In conclusion…

Choosing the best fat burner for women comes down to two things: research, and consideration.

You need to research what is available, the various formulations, what ingredients are used, and whether their claims stand up to scrutiny. You also need to research testimonials and success stories, to see whether the fat burner you’re planning to take has helped people.

You need to consider how prospective fat burners align with your personal preferences, your lifestyle, your exercise habits, and your goals. There are tons of different products, each with slightly different claims.

Understanding how fat burners work, how weight loss works, and how the ingredients claim to work is vital in choosing the best fat burner for you. If you put in the research and take a supplement aligned with your goals and needs, you can enjoy greater results from your weight loss regime.

Thanks for reading.

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