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How To Burn Fat Like A Fitness Model

Wondering what it takes to look like a fitness model? Or more specifically, how these professionals shed the excess fat when they want to look lean for a photo shoot?

Fitness models work hard to attain their athletic figures…

But the good news is that with the right steps, you too can get that look too. Your approach is going to depend slightly on how much fat you have to lose overall, however, many of the principles will be the same regardless.

What are the key steps fitness models take to burn fat?

Let’s see:

They Take Their Diet Seriously

When it comes to fat loss, the smartest of fitness models know that their diet will make a huge difference in the results they see.

A truly fit and lean fitness model has her eating down to a science. She makes sure that she’s getting sufficient amounts of lean protein with each meal and timing her carbs around the times of day when she’s most active – such as before and after a workout session.

Some of the techniques fitness models use to optimise their diets include:

  • Reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake (keep carb intake to 50g per meal)
  • Avoiding sugary drinks and milky coffees
  • Eating lots of protein including chicken and fish
  • Eating more vegetables and leafy greens
  • Drinking plenty of water.

One of the key factors that fitness models also know is that what you put in is what you get out. If you put in processed, unhealthy food that doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrition, you’re going to get back a body that isn’t fit or healthy. Fitness models understand that if they want to push themselves in the gym each session, they need to be fuelling their body right.

As such, they consume mostly only natural foods – foods that come straight from the ground or the wild. You won’t catch them eating pre-packaged foods or convenience items.

Top Tips: “Consume mostly only natural foods – foods that come straight from the ground or the wild. Avoid eating pre-packaged foods or convenience items.”

They lift weights to burn fat, not to get bulky

A women lifting weights

Many women worry that lifting weights will make them bulky and masculine, the reality is that women lack the necessary testosterone to get ‘bodybuilder big’, and the chances of the average of woman creating big muscles without pharmaceutical help are slim.

All successful female fitness models lift weights. They aren’t afraid of strength training and know that creating toned muscles is an incredibly effective way of burning fat. This is backed up by a study in the ‘Journal of obesity’ that found ‘Statistically significant improvements to BMI and body fat percentage’ in women who performed strength training two times a week and also noted that lifting weights can ‘improve insulin sensitivity’ , something that is vital for shedding fat.

The workouts done by female fitness models focus on compound lifts, which stimulate the greatest amount of total muscle fibers in the body and therefore, ensure that they are burning calories rapidly.

This means focusing on lifts such as:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts,
  • Bent over rows,
  • Lunges
  • pull-ups.

When they execute these exercises, they’re lifting a weight that challenges them in the 8-12 rep range for the most part and still keeping their rest periods on the shorter side. This is what creates a strong metabolic effect on the body, helping them torch maximum calories in a minimum amount of time.

They also ensure that they’re well fed before and after each workout session. No empty stomach strength workouts –fitness models know that skipping their pre-workout meal will only make it hard to achieve the intensity needed and put them at a greater risk of fatigue.

Top Tips: “Many women worry that lifting weights will make them bulky and masculine, the reality is that women lack the necessary testosterone to get ‘bodybuilder big’, and the chances of the average of woman creating big muscles without pharmaceutical help are slim.”

They use high intensity cardio to burn fat


When most people look at fitness models, they often think of someone who is doing hours of cardio each week – sometimes twice-a-day sessions. And while there is the occasional fitness model who does this, it isn’t the norm.

Fitness models who understand the principles of fat loss instead focus on nutrition first. The less cardio they have to do while sustaining the desired rate of fat loss, the better off they’ll be.

When the time comes that they do need to add cardio training into the mix, they’re focusing on intense interval style training.

This includes:

  • Treadmill sprints
  • Cycle sprints
  • Short blasts on the rowing machine
  • Crossfit style circuit training

They know that this is the type of training is much better than low intensity cardio, it’s going to rev their metabolic rate so they not only burn a good amount of calories during the workout, but after the session as well.

A study done by the university of New South Wales, Australia found that short bursts of intense exercise were much more effective at helping women lose weight than longer periods of steady cardio. They found that women who did a twenty minute workout made up of a series of 8 second sprints followed by 12 seconds of rest, lost up to 6 times as much weight as women who did steady state cardio for forty minutes.

When you look at the overall fat loss program of a fitness model though, cardio is not the highlight. Diet and lifting are. They know that cardio does have it’s place, but it does not take center stage.

Top Tips: “Green coffee is another very effective ingredient favored by athletes and has numerous proven benefits.”

They Add In Smart Supplementation

Finally, when fitness models want to burn fat and get leaner, they know where to get help. They turn to smart, proven supplements that they know will not harm their body but will help accelerate the process and make fat loss easier for them.

They supplement their diets with proven ingredients such as cayenne pepper, and green tea extract, which have been shown to help increase the rate of thermogenesis (fat burning) taking place in the body, whilst also giving them a natural energy boost.

Green coffee is another very effective ingredient favored by athletes and has numerous proven benefits. One such study was published in ‘The Journal of International Medical Research’ and showed a controlled group of people taking green coffee extract and losing on average 5.4kg over a twelve week period.

Another important aspect that fitness models have to consider when getting ready for a show is cravings. Just like the rest of us they can often find themselves exposed to powerful sugar urges.

Glucomannan, is a naturally occurring fiber that helps them to combat cravings and stick to their carefully crafted eating plans.

By using natural ingredients like these found in proven supplements, they can effectively increase their overall results. They do not, however, rely on supplements to do the work for them. They understand that a supplement is only there to assist and boost the efforts they are already putting in.

So if you want to burn fat like a fitness model, make sure that you add these principles and steps into your current program. If they aren’t, make a few changes so that you can achieve your goals and sustain the results over the longer term.


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