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Research has shown that succumbing to cravings and emotional eating is one of the main contributors to excess fat storage in women. This is no different whether you’re an aspiring athlete or just a regular woman looking to improve your body. As a result, we’ve included some of the most high-grade appetite suppressants out there, the goal is to lower your calorie intake and help you burn fat faster.

Everyone knows that in order to burn fat you must raise your metabolism, however Caffeine Anhydrous and stimulants are not the only way to do this. Women are built differently to men and often encounter side effects when taking fat burners that have been designed for male users. Leanbean uses stimulant alternatives like Cayenne Pepper to boost your metabolism safely. Leanbean does include small amounts of natural Caffeine but in the right amounts, enough to be effective but not so much you’ll get the jitters.

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Suppress hunger

Overcome Your Cravings.

Sugar cravings are a fact of life and they strike women far more frequently than men. Leanbean uses a strong number of ingredients shown to help you curb cravings. In particular large doses of Glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, Cayenne Pepper and Raspberry Ketones have all shown to be effective at helping you control your diet. The goal is not to help you starve yourself, we would never suggest cutting all treats out of your meal plan, it’s to prevent those snack binges that have a devastating impact on your goals.

Suppress hunger

Boost Metabolism Safely

Your metabolism controls how good your body is at burning calories throughout the day. Your body is constantly using food for energy, but if you suffer from a slow metabolism then the excess calories are stored as fat. If you want to lose weight then you need to make sure that your metabolism is performing as it should. Leanbean boosts your metabolic rate safely so you can burn more calories when you’re exercising and at the gym and when you’re not active too. It’s also safer than other fat burners, there’s none of the pure extract ‘Caffeine Anhydrous’. Instead, Leanbean includes spices like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper to help you naturally speed up your metabolism.


Support body’s natural balance

Oestrogen and Testosterone are fundamental to body fat percentage in both women and men. During everyday life your body can be exposed to high levels of chemicals through poor food choices and certain products we come in to contact with. This can cause imbalances leading to toxic levels of fat, bloating and a whole host of other issues in women. Ingredients like Vitamin B and Green Tea can support your body’s natural ability to tackle these imbalances. A well-balanced body will result in better recovery and sleep and give you the energy you need to get through that morning run or cardio session.

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Professionally formulated for women, Leanbean harnesses the power of nature to help you burn fat.

How to Take Leanbean

To maximize results take one capsule four times a day.

One before breakfast, one before lunch, one in the afternoon and one before your evening meal.

  • One before breakfast
  • One before lunch
  • One in the afternoon
  • One before your evening meal

By spreading out the dose evenly throughout the day you are maximizing the time that Leanbean is working and getting the most from each capsule.

Take Four
Capsules Daily.

Take Four Capsules Daily.

Starving yourself means extra fat storage…

Many people think that it’s easier and quicker to go on crash diets in order to shift the pounds; what they don’t know is that this actually causes the body to go into starvation mode, burning muscle as energy and storing fat. Now it’s fair to say that some of these ‘crash dieters’ may initially lose a lot of weight, however, they usually end up creating an unsightly physique with very little muscle tone whilst still retaining at least some fat. What’s more, it is usually only a matter of time before they succumb to ever-worsening sugar cravings, leading them to binge on unhealthy food and balloon back up in weight.

This kind of starvation strategy can also have a very negative impact on your energy levels and if maintained for a long period of time can have a devastating impact on your vital organs and overall health. Leanbean supports a healthier lifestyle and includes essential vitamins and antioxidants designed to promote responsible fat burning and help you create a strong, toned and healthy body.

It is possible to convert bad fat cells into good ones…

Like with food, the human body is made up of both good fats and bad fats. Unhealthy white fat cells are known to make the body store fat, whilst brown fat cells are actually healthy and produce heat in order to burn calories, helping you to lose weight. In 2009 researchers found that people with lower BMIs (body mass index) naturally had higher amounts of brown fat cells. Fortunately, more recent studies have shown that it is possible for anyone to increase the amount of brown fat cells they have. Leanbean’s bespoke formula includes turmeric, nicknamed ‘The Queen of Spices’ Turmeric has been shown to be very effective at helping the body to destroy white fat cells whilst having the added benefit of stimulating the production of healthy brown fat cells.


Use Leanbean. See results.

Or your money back

Getting beach-ready does not have to be an impossible quest. Leanbean will give your body the natural boost it needs to start burning fat. What’s more, if you use Leanbean four times a day for 3 months and don’t think it’s helped you get results we’ll give you a refund.

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